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Rot.Jong College | OC&C
Thu 02 Jun 2016
On the 2nd of June one of our members will again shed some more light on their core business and the developments in that particular field during the 3rd Rot.Jong College. Compared to the Morning Colleges, these colleges delve deeper into the areas in which our members operate and excel. It therefore presents a great opportunity to learn more about the other companies!
The third college will be hosted by OC&C Strategy Consultants (website) and will be held at their office, on the 2nd of June, starting at 18hrs. The college will last until approx. 19:15, but afterwards there will be plenty of time to have a nice discussion while enjoying a drink, snack and beautiful view over Rotterdam at the rooftop terrace!
The topic and some background information:
“12 Consumer trends that are shaping the world”
by Marc van der Goot, Partner at OC&C Strategy Consultants
Our world is rapidly changing. On holiday we sleep in someone else’s home booked via AirBnb, we take a cab into the city that we ordered using Uber, we watch our favorite series via Netflix all while sharing our experiences with the world via Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc. But what does this mean for companies? How can they arm themselves against this new era, or even better: how can they use these new possibilities in their advantage? Join us during this college and learn about the 12 consumer trends that are shaping the world, about the challenges that businesses face, and see some great examples of businesses that are able to fully embrace this new era!
Marc van der Goot, Partner at OC&C Strategy Consultants
Marc van der Goot is with OC&C for more than 15 years and is partner since 2005. He is leader of OC&C’s retail practice in the Benelux and served clients on a full range of strategic issues such as M&A, strategic/growth planning, new business development, pricing and range, and supply chain optimization. Marc studied Electrical Engineering at Delft University of Technology and École Supérieur d’Ingénieurs de Marseille.
Important information 
Rot.Jong College "12 Consumer trends that are shaping the world"
OC&C Office, Rederijstraat 5, Rotterdam
Thursday 2nd of June
18:00 - 19:15
Before May 30th via http://www.rotjong.nu/my-rot-jong/register-for-events 


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