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December Drinks 2016
Fri 09 Dec 2016

Rot.Jong December Drinks – Rebuilding Rotterdam

Rot.Jong proudly presents the most exciting event of the year: the Rot.Jong December Drinks! Here we want to celebrate the last days of another successful year. In 2016 we had an amazing line up of events to help you experience and discover the unique city of Rotterdam alongside a great group of young professionals. Of course the traditional Rot.Jong Games were a success. Furthermore, the colleges on Brexit and the future of healthcare allowed us to challenge ourselves to discover and think about some global topics affecting each of us. Finally, Plaats Delikt brought us to a new level of experiencing the city and now it is time to look back and enjoy an evening full of new and familiar faces, nice food and drinks!  

This year the city celebrates in the 75th year of rebuilding Rotterdam following the bombing of the city center. Unlike other cities, Rotterdam chose to invest in spectacular modern architecture. The Euromast, Erasmusbrug and the Markthal are perfect examples. Another great example that embodies the rebuilding and truly a hidden pearl is ‘’Het Industriegebouw’’. The building was built to bring businesses together in order to help recover the Rotterdam economy after a period of destruction. Currently it is being used for start-ups, workshops and business events – check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WFKv98JpN8    

The doors will open at 18h00 and you’ll receive tokens for food & drinks. Just to be sure you won’t get thirsty at the end of the evening: bring your own wallet too.  

Note that it is allowed to bring a +1 to the December Drinks. If your +1 is not a member of one of the companies but fits the profile of Rot.Jong, please let the +1 register on the Rot.Jong website using the name of the company that will be their host. When entering, please be aware that +1 can only enter accompanied by her / his host.  

Important information


Rot.Jong December Drinks – Rebuilding Rotterdam


Het Industriegebouw Goudsesingel 70


Friday December 9 2016 Starting at 18h00 – it will go on until 01:00 Drinks & food included – bring your own wallet too, just in case you run out of tokens




Before December 2nd  @ http://www.rotjong.nu/my-rot-jong/register-for-events +1 allowed via de website



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