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Rot.Jong Highland Games
Sat 24 Jun 2017

What are the Rot.Jong Games 2017?

The Rot.Jong Games are an annual Rot.Jong event involving sports, beer, BBQ, more beer, and a party with our own DJ in the city center to round it all up!

What makes the Rot.Jong Games 2017 even more legendary than the previous games?

The theme of this year’s games will be “Highland Games”. Originally a Scottish way of celebrating Scottish and Celtic culture, strong men (and women) in skirts and the recycling of tree trunks, Highland games found its way also into mainland Europe. You will get the chance to prove your inner Scottish athlete in classical highland disciplines, such as archery, tug of war and archery combat. If you haven’t found your inner Scot yet, you can still have fun doing more “modern” sports like football and its funky variation “bumper-football” (see image below).

Needless to say that after all this action there is plenty of opportunity to chill in the sun, cheering with a beer to your fellow combatants. After all, the traditional Scottish Highland games are not only a sport, but also a social event with drinks and dance! This is why, after the energy levels have been restored with a copious BBQ and more drinks, we move on to the city center (your transportation will be arranged), where a night of dancing and drinking awaits us!  


Well, ok, I’m totally in, just let me know when and where!

The event will start at 14:00 on Saturday, 24 June, on the fields of the sports club Victoria in Rotterdam:

Kralingseweg 226

3062 CG Rotterdam

Since we will be going to the city center afterwards together you should get there by public transport: coming from the city center, take metro A/B/C in the direction of Binnenhof, Nesselkade or De Terp and get out at Kralingse Zoom. From there it is a 12 minutes walk to the club (see google maps).

If you haven’t registered yet, please do so now at: http://www.rotjong.nu/my-rot-jong/register-for-events

Once registered you will receive more specific information and guidance on how to prepare for the Highland Games.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Hope to see you on June 24th!

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