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Rot.Jong Academy: Chapter 3
Tue 05 Sep 2017

Rot.Jong Academy presents the workshop – Persuasiveness


Rot.Jong Academy organizes a number of workshops during the year. Each workshop is centered around a core skill of one of the member companies within the Rot.Jong network.


[Unfortunately for our Dutch speaking members only, as this workshop will be completely in Dutch]


This workshop will focus on the skill of persuasion; a skill that every person requires and applies on a daily basis. Some of us limit the application of the skill to situations where they persuade their friends to have one more drink before going home (which can be quite hard to do), whilst others use it to nail down a great deal at the benefit of their clients. As such, it goes without saying that persuasion is used constantly and is therefore an important skill to master.


In this workshop, provided by Furth | Trainingen, the participants will be trained in the skill of personal persuasiveness and the factors that influence it. Using real life examples, the “do’s and don’ts” and common pitfalls of persuasion (for example during presentations and meetings) are discussed. The introductory word of the workshop is provided by Jeroen van den Brande, who is a partner at the law firm Loyens & Loeff and chairman of the litigation department of the firm. Van den Brande has over 25 years of experience in persuading clients, counterparties and judges and will indulge the participants of this workshop with examples of his persuasiveness.


Date:                September 5th

Location:         Loyens & Loeff – Blaak 31  

Time:               18:30 walk in (we will provide some small bites), the workshop will start at 19:00

Register:          http://www.rotjong.nu/my-rot-jong/register-for-events


The capacity of this workshop is limited at 25 participants. Therefore, we limit the number of participants per company to a maximum of 2, depending on the interest per company. This means that we might have to disappoint any additional registrants per company. We apologize for the inconvenience but are convinced this is at the moment the best way to ensure every member company can participate in this workshop.

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