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Rot.Jong Academy: Slechtnieuwsgesprekken
Mon 20 Aug 2018

Much as we like our jobs, someday we may be faced with lay-offs, cost reductions, assessments and unexpected delays. When advancing your career, you may need to deliver bad news more frequently and on occasions of increasing importance. How may you do this well?


At the intensive care unit of Erasmus MC, medical staff often need to deliver bad news to patients and their loved ones, unfortunately. During this workshop, the head/physician and an ethicist of this department will share their years of experience with you. Also, an expert of the Dept. of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy will teach you about the principles of bad news conversations. You'll be given the opportunity to practise this skill yourself!


Date: Monday, 20 August 2018

Location: Erasmus MC; full details will be communicated to the participants.

Start: 18:00 hours

End: 21:15 hours

Language: Dutch

Dinner is included in this workshop.


Please register at: http://www.rotjong.nu/my-rot-jong/register-for-events


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This workshop is limited to 25 participants: that is, one member of each Rot.Jong company. Therefore, we will select registrants on a "first come first serve" basis. Registrants who did not participate in any of the Rot.Jong Academy workshops yet are given priority per company. You will be notified by email before August 10, whether your registration is confirmed or cancelled. As such, we may have to disappoint registrants. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.


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