Becoming a Member Company

What is Stichting Rot.Jong?

Rot.Jong started in 2012 with the goal of connecting young professionals from different companies, to each other and to the city. Currently we reached more than 3.000 young professionals, working at the some of the largest companies in Rotterdam. Every year we have 1.000+ (unique) young professionals participating in our 20+ events.  

We organize events for the young professionals of our member companies categorized in: social, sport, intellectual and charity events.

What do we expect from member companies? 

We expect active participation in the events because our goal is to network and establish strong inter-company social relations. There is no reason to become a member of Rot.Jong when your young professionals are not participating. To make this all possible there is a yearly contribution fee paid by the member companies. Participation in the events is free for young professionals for almost all events, in the last years we only asked for an additional contribution for trips (wintersports/summer trip). 

Interested to become a member company? Feel free to contact us by sending an email to for more information.