Oude.Rot (Alumni)

We are Oude.Rot 

Oude.Rot was founded in September 2022 as the official alumni network of Rot.Jong. The purpose of Oude.Rot is to provide former participants of the Foundation with the opportunity to (re)connect and establish lasting bonds with like-minded individuals.  

Alumni of Oude.Rot are committed to adding value to the city of Rotterdam and collaborate closely with the Young Professionals of Rot.Jong to fully leverage the synergy of experience and innovation. Oude.Rot hosts a minimum of four events per year which are exclusively targeted at alumni or held in collaboration with the Young Professionals of Rot.Jong. Participants are offered a blend of inspiration, nostalgia, and most of all: A lot of fun!  

Curious about joining the Oude.Rot Alumni Network? Click the button below for more information and to becoming a member of the Oude.Rot.